Farewell to Dheeru….

It has been quiet long time we had met or partied. If my memory is correct we partied when someone from our gang got job, some 2 yr back. Slowly the profession started taking toll on us:) . Good old times has gone. This time the party was for different reason. After working 2+ yrs in one of the top companies here in B’lore he got a offer to join a telecom giant in Germany. The party was organized at “The Village” beside 100 ft Road,Indiara Nagar. They tried their level best to keep the name and ambiance close. But the songs what they were playing were really bad. Some of us also tried to change the songs. But the chap in reception didn’t agree saying that it will spoil “the village” ambiance what they were trying to achieve. The party started by 7.30 pm with normal trend of pulling each other legs and chatting the recent trends etc. Once the alcohol level on blood rises you never knew what all crap you will be discussing. Meanwhile,some one came with cake. The song what we sang while cutting cake was ” Happy Journey to u” in the tune of HBTU. The crowd sitting near to our table were feeling it really awkward.Once u r out of some professional institute u won’t feel bad to do such crazy things.  The party ended by 11.00pm. I accompanied Dheeru to his flat . While party we didn’t get much time to talk. We had some gud time there discussing about those good old days @ MS Ramaiah Institute. The days, we only studied and enjoyed. Now those days are gone. Came back home by 1.30 am feeling nostalgic about those days .. It was one of the best party I ever had. Have the essence of the party in this video . Nice song to match the situation..


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