India-Pakistan third test

After a long wait I got a chance to watch a cricket match live, the first day of the Ind-Pak Bangalore test. Thanks for Abhi who got me the ticket. Even though the metro rail work and the bad traffic squeezed out some time, I managed to reach Chinnaswamy stadium by 10:30. It was a sad thing that even some of the police man dont’t know where is the parking. This made me to do many U-turns before finding the parking at the MG Road(Stadium entrance). Since it was a week end there was a lot of rush even though it was a test match. After a feeble security check we entered through the Gate No:13(North Stand). The first look of the ground from the stand was awesome. There is common saying that watching any match live won’t be good compared to watching in TV. That is totally wrong. U will really enjoy the match with the crowd cheering with each and every ball. When I entered Jaffer and Dravid were playing. After that it was procession to pavallion by Indian batsmen. Thought I will be able to watch our bowling also:). Thanks for Dada and Yuvi’s knock which was a real entertainer. Met Pakistan’s cheer leader(Chacha) who was there in our stand.A guy with solid enthu:)). Took lunch which was provided for our stand. It was pretty decent and well organized. Came out of stand by 4.00 since I had to collect my vehicle after service. Altogether, one more unfogettable weekend 😛


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