Weekend trip to nandhi hills

After a couple of idle weekends, our trek ‘n travel gang decided to go out for a small outing somewhere nearby. For obvious reasons it turned out to be to nandhi hills, which is the most acclaimed spot near Bangalore. Our plan was to start early before sunrise and reach there to watch sunrise. Started from my home by car around 3.00 am, picked up sandeep and prem on the way and continued the drive. It was a good drive with only a few vehicles on the road, a typical sunday morning. On the way we passed new airport, which took hardly half an hour from hebbal. Unfortunately, we took wrong way because of one confusing sign board which shows a immediate left turn for nandhi hills, but the turn was a couple of turns after that. Traveled around 10km extra due to this. Reached on top of Nandhi hills by 5:45 am. The drive to the top was amazing with lot of hairpins. Already there were quite a lot of people on the top, had to wait for sometime in queue to take tickets. Roamed around on the top for some time and started journey back to bangalore by 7:45 am. Return drive was also pretty nice but had to stuck up in traffic near Ulsoor due to Bangalore marathon. Came back home by 10, had a good breakfast and slept.