Nagpur Trip

I and my friends had been to nagpur last week to attend a marriage. We started on Wednesday evening from Yeswantpur by Samparkkranti express. It was for first time, i  was traveling towards Delhi. Had been a couple of times to Hyderabad though. The people from kerala will be able to appreciate the greenery in kerela because, at this stretch most of the land is barren. It is one of the good trains running, having only a few stops in between. The journey was good and had no boredom mainly because of friends. We reached nagpur on Thursday evening, went straight to hotel freshened up and went to sachin’s house.  Had been to Maharashtrian marriage a couple of  times, but this was a new experience. Everyone were dancing for Dhol we also danced for sometime. Marriage was on Friday. We all were tired and came back to hotel and slept.  Next day morning we attended the marriage and the same day evening reception was there. Next day we went to some place near nagpur called Ramtek, which is basically a temple. Spotted a different kind of monkey there.  Spent sometime roaming there and returned to Bangalore on the same day evening. Felt really nice to be there for marriage.


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