Philips HTS 3569/98 home theatre

After a lot of research, I bought Philips HTS 3569/98 home theatre system, a couple of days back. Selecting a good home theater system is not an easy thing with quite an few in market. The searched narrowed down to Sony and Philips due to the lack of other dealers. My requirement was to have an all in one system with decent sound quality in a reasonable price. The other brands like Denon, Yamaha etc who are famous for their HT systems were not there in my consideration mainly due to price. With rooms built without proper acoustics, I don’t think these will make much difference. This particular model comes with wooden speakers which has excellent acoustic property compared to plastic. I seriously don’t know about durability and it is too early to comment on that. The another great feature it has is the USB play back for video, audio and pictures which Sony doesn’t had.  I have a lot of movies in my external HDD and without writing DVD’s I can watch them by just plugging it to the player. This player also supports a wide range of video and audio codecs compared to any other players which makes it a value for money.


1. Good sound quality

2.  Plays back a wide range of file formats.

3. Audio/Video playback support from USB.


1. Awkward browsing.


18 Responses to Philips HTS 3569/98 home theatre

  1. bin says:


    How much did you pay for this system?

  2. dilipmannil says:

    @bin bought it from Philips showroom for 22,500 INR. Can get better deals from other shops !!

  3. bin says:

    Did you bought the set from Bangalore? Can you mention which shop exactly? I wanna check it out.

  4. dilipmannil says:

    Yeah. Got it from Philips Arena, Jaya Nagar. I think, U can also find it in Pai Indira nagar These guys also keep Philips HTS.

  5. ATM says:

    I bought it for 20,900 in Pune………MRP is 22,900………….

    Its still possible to buy it within 20K ………

  6. Archi says:

    Got it for 22.2 with a hdmi cable from philips arena. hoping for a firmware upgrade to sort out some issues . A 8 GB usb device can cause it to hang if you start with the USB mode directly from AUX (without going to disc mode). Otherwise good.

  7. sharanu says:

    Got it for Rs 20,350 from relience digital,need to understand which is a decent HDMI cable i should buy keeping quality and price into consideration

  8. Archi says:

    And I also know the region free hack for this machine.

    • amorsy says:

      Hi Archi, I bought this system and I need to make it work on multiple regions. As of now, it only supports region 3. All my movies are region 1 and 2. Can you please help?

    • amorsy says:

      Nevermind, I got it:

      Turn on the player
      Open the tray
      Press 99990 on the remote
      Region 0 will appear on the left of the screen

      Thanks anyways!

  9. Harsha says:

    Thanks for the review. After going through this and a few others on the internet, I bought HTS 3569 from Philips Arena, Jayanagar (Rs 18,900, inclusive of HDMI cable)

  10. sharanu says:

    Hi dilipmannil

    Are you sure you can play movies using external HDD,because i have a 320 GB Maxtor USB drive but when i plug it the home theatre is not able to read.

    • dilipmannil says:

      Yeah. I have 40 GB HDD and the HTS can read and play back from it. If the HDD is partitioned, then only first partition will be read. Whether your HDD needs external power supply?

  11. Anshuman says:

    I have also bought this system recently. On Philips website it’s accessories shows Wireless transmitter and wireless receiver which I have not received in my box. Does anyone has bought it with wireless rear speakers..?

  12. Dr.Srikanth Konam says:

    Is it available in Hyderabad for the price which was mentioned in Jayanagar(18900)????
    Where is this Jayanagar??

  13. dilipmannil says:

    Jaya Nagar, Bangalore. Don’t know abt the availability in HYD

  14. sharanu says:


    Can you mail me at your contact details,i have a 320gb USB HDD with no external HDD ,but still i am not able to lay

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