Drive to Pondicherry

Last month I had been to Pondy to meet my sister and brother-in-law.  We started at 7.00 am on Saturday morning from Bangalore. The route was a kind of well known because I have traveled quite a lot in this route. Moreover I did my graduation in the temple town of Tiruvannamalai.  So I was a bit exited to drive on that way. The distance from Bangalore to Pondy is 320 km approx. which can be split in to 3 stretches. Bangalore->krishnagiri , Krishnagiri -> TV Malai and TV Malai -> Pondy.  Each stretch is some 100kms. The road till krishnagiri is very good. After the Krishnagiri toll gate you have to take a left turn before entering the second flyover. Direction boards are  there, but it is likely to miss this. Once the left is taken before  second fly over we will reach Chennai highway. Moving some two hundred meters on this road there is right turn to TV malai.


The road from krishnagiri to TV Malai is not that good. We were at TV Malai by 12.00pm. Visited SKP Engineering college and were off to Pondy. On the way there is one place called Ginjee which have a couple of forts. Have to trek some distance and we ditched the plan because of heat.


The roads inside Tindivanam is bit confusing with no sign boards around. On entring the main flyover you have to go straight  from the circle for Pondy which is the shortest route. There is another one along ECR. By 2.30 we were at Pondy. Since I had been here a n number of times there was no enthu to go  and see places. Since my friend had not been there before, I accompanied him to beach. On sunday we started the jouney back to Bangalore. We started at 11 am, had lunch at TV Malai and reached bangalore by 6.00pm.