On Green Route

Sakleshpur is  one of the greenest getaways in Karnataka  and  famous for the railway track trek.  Eventhough had been to this place a couple of times, couldn’t resist this opportunity to chill out on a weekend.  After long discussions and mail chains we zeroed out to go to Makkithitta HomeStay near Sakleshpur.  Sakleshpur is 6 hrs drive from Bangalore  and we started at 12.00 am from Bangalore after having  a bash at sarathy, Indira Nagar.  There was no traffic inside city and  stopped at a Dhaba after Nellamangala to have some food around 1′ o clock.


Reached Sakleshpur around 5:30 and the home stay people has arranged a jeep to show way till home stay.  The way was very bad and our vehicle found difficult to catch the speed of jeep.  We reached there around 6:30. They arrangements made was good.

Sakleshpur 041

Jeep was arranged to see nearby places since most of them were jeep tracks. Visited Bettadha Byraveshwara Temple and did a small trek to near by view point.


Returned back  had lunch and slept afternoon. At night campfire was arranged. Played Sach ka saamna and bum charades. Next day morning we went to nearby stream to have bath and retuned back bangalore after lunch. On the way back visited Manjirabad fort near Donigal.  Took tea at the same shop where we had tea when we went for Sakleshpur trek two years back.


One Response to On Green Route

  1. Umesh Patil says:

    Great!…Off beat discovery for weekend getaway…

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