Data storage and retrieval

Data storage and retrieval are the two things which need to be done effectively and efficiently in any software firm. Any loss of information will turn out to be catastrophic  and will result in loss of man hours and money. The same topic also seem to affect in a lesser sense to private data also. This include digital photographs, audio or video. It is unrealistic to print all digital photos what you have captured. With a limited amount of memory available you need to backup the data in CD/DVD or something else. This random thought came when I was going through by CD/DVD collection a couple of days ago. Have around 40+ GB of data written. Eventhough a perfect reconstruction is possible from digital media a proper handling is always important for better life. This is not possible if you are circulating it in your friend circle. Most of the data is collected over past few years and is growing day by day. In the days of analog storage the quality and reproduction were far behind digital but life time was much more. I can still see some of the very old cassetes aged some 20+ years working without any problem. Eventhough a perfect reconstruction is possible from digital media a proper handling is always important for life. Having written quite a lot of backup and have some external storage, still I feel it difficult. There are othere ways like take some GB’s in some remote server etc. But I still don’t know how far it is reliable. Though, It is always pain to retrieve data and use it having a slow internet connection. Hope lifetime of the memory devices will increase in comming years.


Getting Wifi Working on Dell E1405/640m running Ubuntu 8.04

This most tricky part of linux installation in laptop is to make wireless card detected and getting wifi connection up to connect with encrypted network. Thanks to the enthusiastic crowd @ Ubuntu forum for their help in getting it work for my lappie. Most of these cards won’t be having suitable open source drivers and have to run Windows XP drivers using ndiswrapper. This link below is very well written and it worked for me,

The next hurdle is to get it connected to an encrypted wifi network with WPA1, WPA2 or WEP network. Below link explains in detail about connecting to various networks.

It took a couple of days to get everything working