Happy New Year 2012


Back after a long break..

Lot of things has been happening in life both at work and outside. Had been to Seoul in official trip and done a much awaited trek in Himalayas. Hope to get some time in near future to write about them.

RIP: Asheem chakravarty

Bengaluru Habba

Bengaluru’s art and culture festival brings the artistes all over the world to perform here. The passes for this festival are free and is available at the venue or AFFA office. Last year it didn’t happen and was postponed due to various reasons. As a part of  Finale,   music live show, DJ etc were organized. Yesterday there was  live show by band called Strings . It was awesome show where they played most of their hit numbers. At last they also played remix of old and new hindi songs. Have watched lot of live shows and for the first time, saw lot of family crowd enjoying the show. Kudos to organizers for organizing such a wonderful event.

Happy Onam!!!


Image Courtesy:Kerala Cartoon Academy

Aao Na…

Ghunji Si Hai Sari Fiza Jaise Bajti Ho Shehnaiyaan
Leherati Hai Mehki Hawa Gungunati Hain Tanhaiyaan
Sab Gaate Hain Sab Hi Madhosh Hain
Hum Tum Kyun Khamosh Hain
Saaz – E- Dil Chedo Na
Chup Ho Kyun Gaavon Na
Aao Na.. Ao Na… Aao Na… Aao Na…

Listened this song after long time on radio.. Reminds me of some best moments of life…

Elephants at Guruvayoor

Had taken a week off and had been to native place. Visited Guruvayoor temple and Punnathur Kotta Elephant sanctuary which  is about 5 Km south of Guruvayoor temple. These are some pics taken using my mobile cam.