Night Drive

TGIF… After coming from office @ 9.00pm, I got this plan to go for a night drive  on Mysore road. Idea was to go till the Cafe Coffee Day at Maddur and come back home by early morning. Called up Sudhir and Srinivas. Both were ready. Started from home at 10:30, picked up them on the way and headed towards mysore road. WIthin 15 min we reached the city market flyover which usually takes around an hour at peek hours. Once entered the Mysore road the road was almost empty with only a few cars and lorries appearing once in a while. We had not been there before and only know that the CCD is after Kamath’s and before Maddur. It was a nice feeling to listen to Floyd’s Division bell and hit the road at 100kmph. On the way we saw one ccd before kamth’s on right, Mac D on left and a Barista also. I think the Barista was closed. Rest of them were open. We just kept going to find the CCD at Maddur. After some  85 kms from City market fly over,we reached the final destination. It comes on the right side of the road while travelling to mysore. This CCD is pretty big compared to ones in Bangalore. We took cappuccino   and some patties which felt very refreshing. Was there for more than an hour or so and returned to Bangalore. The return drive was not that gr8 with a lot of lorries carrying sand moving at snail pace. Was back at Airport road by 4.00 am, dropped frendz at their house and reached home by 4:30. Was actually dying to catch some sleep. This time odometer clocked some 198 kms.