Aao Na…

Ghunji Si Hai Sari Fiza Jaise Bajti Ho Shehnaiyaan
Leherati Hai Mehki Hawa Gungunati Hain Tanhaiyaan
Sab Gaate Hain Sab Hi Madhosh Hain
Hum Tum Kyun Khamosh Hain
Saaz – E- Dil Chedo Na
Chup Ho Kyun Gaavon Na
Aao Na.. Ao Na… Aao Na… Aao Na…

Listened this song after long time on radio.. Reminds me of some best moments of life…


Elephants at Guruvayoor

Had taken a week off and had been to native place. Visited Guruvayoor temple and Punnathur Kotta Elephant sanctuary which  is about 5 Km south of Guruvayoor temple. These are some pics taken using my mobile cam.



Drive to Pondicherry

Last month I had been to Pondy to meet my sister and brother-in-law.  We started at 7.00 am on Saturday morning from Bangalore. The route was a kind of well known because I have traveled quite a lot in this route. Moreover I did my graduation in the temple town of Tiruvannamalai.  So I was a bit exited to drive on that way. The distance from Bangalore to Pondy is 320 km approx. which can be split in to 3 stretches. Bangalore->krishnagiri , Krishnagiri -> TV Malai and TV Malai -> Pondy.  Each stretch is some 100kms. The road till krishnagiri is very good. After the Krishnagiri toll gate you have to take a left turn before entering the second flyover. Direction boards are  there, but it is likely to miss this. Once the left is taken before  second fly over we will reach Chennai highway. Moving some two hundred meters on this road there is right turn to TV malai.


The road from krishnagiri to TV Malai is not that good. We were at TV Malai by 12.00pm. Visited SKP Engineering college and were off to Pondy. On the way there is one place called Ginjee which have a couple of forts. Have to trek some distance and we ditched the plan because of heat.


The roads inside Tindivanam is bit confusing with no sign boards around. On entring the main flyover you have to go straight  from the circle for Pondy which is the shortest route. There is another one along ECR. By 2.30 we were at Pondy. Since I had been here a n number of times there was no enthu to go  and see places. Since my friend had not been there before, I accompanied him to beach. On sunday we started the jouney back to Bangalore. We started at 11 am, had lunch at TV Malai and reached bangalore by 6.00pm.

Gokarna Trip

This place was in my  TODO list since long time and attending a friend’s marriage at Sirsi became a nice excuse. The marriage was on Monday and 4 of us started on Saturday early morning. Our plan was to take scenic  Shimoga route and reach Gokarna by evening, spend a day there, travel to sirsi on sunday evening attend the marriage on Sunday and reach bangalore Monday night. We decided  to hit Tumkur road by morning 5’O Clock so that we will be able to avoid the early morning traffic. But we got delayed by an hour and was at Tumkur road by 6 am. It was moderately crowded. There was heavy fog on the way and the visibility was pretty low. Luckily, we didn’t start early. By 7’O clock we were at Tumkur.


We took breakfast at kadur and reached Shimoga by 12’o clock. There were some bad patches while nearing Shimoga ie, for about 15 KMS where  the max speed we were able to hit was 25 kmph.  Stopped for lunch on the way and we were at Jog by 2.00 pm. Actually, the stop there was not worth because there was no water. We wasted around 2 hrs there and then started to Gokarna. The way till Honavar is very much scenic with some beautiful view points of  Sharavathy valley.


We reached Honavar by 6.30 did some refreshment and were off to Gokarna which is around 1 hr 3o min drive from there. The was heavy traffic of both bus and truck on this highway.  We reached Gokarna by 8’O clock. To reach Gokarna town you need travel 10 kms off the highway. The roads in this small town are narrow and are mostly one ways. Our plan was to go to Om beach and take some shack to stay.  The road which leads to Om beach is on the left of  the check post while entering the Gokarna town. We missed this and ended up wasting about an hour and reached the Om beach by 9.00 pm.  Accommodation was available on few shacks, but we didn’t stay because of parking problem. So we ditched the plan and returned to Gokarna town and took room in Hotel Gokarna. Next day morning we visited Gokarna temple and drove to Om beach again.


Had beakfast in Dolphin cafe @ Om beach. Further we trekked to Paradise and half-moon beaches and retuned to Om beach by boat. We checked out the hotel room in evening and started to Sirsi which is 75kms from there.  Attended the marriage on Monday and started back to Bangalore by 2:20 pm. The road till GQ is single lane but decent. The work on GQ is still going on and at many places the road is single lane with all traffic at one side.  After Chitradurga the road is very good. By 10:30 we reached Tumkur and had dinner there. By 12:30 we were in Bangalore. Final trip meter reading was  (1000+50) kms.

Unmaad ’09

This was for second time I’ve been  to IIM Bangalore for watching live show organized as a part of Annual cultural fest(Unmaad). First it was on 2007 when Indian Ocean and Ali Azmat of Junoon perfomed. This year I got chance to watch KK Live.As usual it was organized very well.

KK Live

Macro Mode

Had been to my native place last month.Tried the macro mode of sony 810i when I saw some butterflies in the Courtyard of my house. Came out pretty decent,


Happy New Year 2009

“We spend January 1 walking through our lives, room by room, drawing up a list of work to be done, cracks to be patched. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we ought to the rooms of our lives…. not looking the flaws, but for the potential”
-Ellen Goodman