Getting Wifi Working on Dell E1405/640m running Ubuntu 8.04

This most tricky part of linux installation in laptop is to make wireless card detected and getting wifi connection up to connect with encrypted network. Thanks to the enthusiastic crowd @ Ubuntu forum for their help in getting it work for my lappie. Most of these cards won’t be having suitable open source drivers and have to run Windows XP drivers using ndiswrapper. This link below is very well written and it worked for me,

The next hurdle is to get it connected to an encrypted wifi network with WPA1, WPA2 or WEP network. Below link explains in detail about connecting to various networks.

It took a couple of days to get everything working


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Installed Ubuntu 8.04 on my Dell laptop. Other than wifi most of the things are up and working. Feel really nice, seeing how mature the Linux has become in terms of installation and support from the open source community. There was a time where the linux installation was nightmare and needed a couple of tries to get it working. fine!!